Banjas and Banksy oust the gentlemen as millennials reinvent the private club

November 3, 2017

Once the sanctuary of the establishment, the latest generation of member hangouts cater for a new elite

It’s midweek in east London and in a subterranean space a few clusters of thirtysomethings are tapping away on Apple laptops under the gaze of an original Banksy mural. Welcome to the Curtain, one of the latest breed of luxury members clubs proliferating across London. This is proving to be a boom year for a new kind of private club, offering literary readings, live music, accommodation and sophisticated gyms and “wellness” services.

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Four months after the Curtain opened in May, Ten Trinity Square, a club appendage to a new Four Seasons hotel, was launched. It promises to do nothing less than “reinvent the shape and scope of meeting and exchange between nations and cultures of the world”.

Clubs which we might think of as being the classic elite establishment have not gone away

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