Innside, Manchester: hotel review

July 3, 2015

The corporate cliches have been kept to a minimum at this large, comfortable chain hotel, which offers Bauhaus-style functionality and, surprisingly, the occasional DJ at breakfast

I have a ritual when I enter a hotel room. From the bed, I take any scatter cushions, throws, even the occasional cuddly toy, bundle them up and dump them in a corner. I then clear all leaflets, welcome packs, flowers, ornaments, bedside glasses and “table-talkers” (you know, those triangles of card advertising spa treatments and 2-for-1 steaks in the grill), and stick them on a shelf. I want to be able to sit down, move around and plug-in my phone without constantly knocking things over.

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So after opening the door to my room at Innside, my brain did a celebratory back-flip. This was an unusually clutter-free room. It contained everything you might need, down to a free dental hygiene kit and complimentary soft drinks, but nothing more. Moreover, everything is stowed in such a way that there is plenty of walk-room around that huge bed. The partially open-plan bathroom (note: the sink, not the shower and toilet) adds to the sense of space.

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