Mountain biking in Wales … it’s time to get bold and brave

February 3, 2015

How would a pair of physical cowards get on at a dedicated mountain bike park in Wales? After a two-hour private lesson, one of them became completely fearless – and it wasn’t mum

I love rain, Wales, bikes and mini-breaks. I don’t mind long drives and I haven’t spent two nights on my own with my son, Thurston, since the night he was born, and the night after, seven years ago. He hates rain, doesn’t know much about Wales, loves hotels (“I definitely think this is the best place we’ve ever been,” he said, as we arrived at the reception of Nant Ddu Lodge and someone smiled at us), is OK on a bike, and was really pleased to have a weekend away with me until he found out that there was no Wi-Fi.

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We were perfect for BikePark Wales, a £1.8m mountain bike park that opened in Merthyr Tydfil in 2013 – except that we’re pathetic physical cowards, both of us. We’re like relay-jellyfish: the minute one of us gets up the courage to do anything, the other freaks out. Which is why we’re trying out the private lessons the park now offers, to see how they cope with scaredy-cat mountain biking novices.

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