Artist Residence, Brighton: hotel review

For an ‘accidental hotelier’ the owner of this Regency townhouse hotel is doing a pretty impressive job, offering a sophisticated seaside stay in artist-designed...

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Barbados holiday guide: the best beaches, restaurants, bars and places to stay

You don’t need a pop star’s budget to enjoy the palm trees and ‘sunny Caribbean sea’ of this popular island. Genie Austin reveals her...

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Spain’s best restaurants – in the middle of nowhere

In our second extract from his book Grape, Olive, Pig, Matt Goulding reveals the amazing small restaurants and grills serving classic country dishes on...

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Peach Tree and Momo-No-Ki, Shrewsbury: restaurant review | Jay Rayner

A modern British bistro and a Japanese ramen house out of one kitchen? Somehow it works and it’s lots of fun The Peach Tree...

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The best Jewish restaurants in Berlin

Nosh Berlin, which starts on 19 March, is the city’s first Jewish food week, with dishes and events from Jewish communities worldwide. Its founders...

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Rising Arizona: how Phoenix is becoming a foodie city to savour

Phoenix is working hard to reinvent a food scene once regarded as flatter than a pancake. Guardian restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin eats her way...

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Barbecoa, London: restaurant review

Jamie Oliver’s flashy new meat and smoke joint in Piccadilly is ambitious in everything, including its prices 194 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EX (020 3005...

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How paella got punked – and the Valencian chefs trying to save it

Paella is the history of Spain on a plate, so why did aficionados have to start Wikipaella to protect it? In this extract from...

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Restaurant runaways: what happens when diners eat and flee?

A 120-strong group of food-lovers in Spain have perfected the art of dining and dashing without paying the bill. Other walkouts, however, haven’t been...

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