Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Company opens cafe

November 3, 2015

Fancy a ‘flapjack kerouac’? Visitors who have gorged on books at this literary institution can now head next door for healthy dishes and snacks in its new cafe

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The humble stationery shop adjacent to George Whitman’s, Shakespeare and Company – the successor to the legendary interwar bookstore of the same name where Hemingway et al used to congregate – was some of the hottest real estate in Paris. According to David Delannet, co-manager of the store, Whitman had been knocking on the owners’ door once a month since the 60s, asking if he could use the space to open a literary café. Although Whitman died in 2011, his daughter, Sylvia, continued the monthly tradition of wooing the neighbours. After two generations of negotiation, the café finally opened in October 2015.

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