The Faroe Islands: the natural home of Nordic cuisine

July 3, 2016

Chefs in the Faroes are masters of creating magic from what they have on the doorstep, though the fermented mutton can be an acquired taste, says food stylist Mette Helbaek

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The Faroe Islands are beautiful in a very Scandinavian way – they’re not comforting or luxurious, but have this wild, untamed natural beauty. There are no trees, just wind and ocean, and I love how the cuisine reflects the place – it’s a great example of how we are good at creating a lot with little.

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With a population of only 50,000, there are more sheep than people. They’re everywhere – even grazing on top of houses, as rooftops are often covered in grass. If you hit one with your car you must report it to the police.

The mutton is strong tasting, a bit like rotten meat! You can eat it with a spoon. Most foreigners find it too much

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