The foodie traveller … on the spread of raw cuisine

February 3, 2015

The raw food movement is gathering momentum in Europe, and thriving in Scandinavia, particularly in Iceland

Raw food cuisine is losing its “how many ways can you peel a banana?” aura and, rightfully, moving into the spotlight as a dynamic, varied and flavoursome way of eating. A good raw chef brings their own twist to old favourites: falafel, pizza, nachos, curry and pad Thai are all popular raw meals.

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At one time you had to cross the Atlantic to experience these kinds ofgourmet delights, but the culture is now flourishing in Europe as well, and you can find great raw options in cities including Copenhagen (42 Raw and Botaniq); Gothenburg (Rawfoodbaren); Paris (42 Degrés); Amsterdam (where there’s an annual Raw Food Festival, this year on 14 June); and London, which now boasts several dining spots – I like Nama best, but there’s also Vantra Vitao, and LOVR among others.

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