Travel tips on how to escape the UK election result, and where

June 3, 2015

Travel broadens the mind and can also help soothe the post-election spirit. So, if the result has left you depressed here are our holiday tips for making an escape

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Nigel Farage’s election campaign may have resembled one long pub crawl, but for most of us, the hard drinking will just be starting. And drowning your sorrows need not be a sorry affair in which you suckle a two-litre bottle of K Cider on a windswept park bench. Not if the craft beer movement can help it anyway. From Cambridge to Leeds, Edinburgh to Brighton and right across the capital, we’ve tried and tested the best British boozers for a comforting pint of ale. And if you’ve already fled across the Channel, try our tips for the best brew pubs in Europe. Who says continental lager is all you can drink on the continent?

Compare hotel prices and find the best deal - Nungwi Village

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